Aldiwan Center Products and Services Agreements
1. General
2.A Aldiwan Center Products and Services Agreement
2.B Aldiwanonline E-learning Website & Services Agreement
2.C AldiwanAds Web Advertisements (@ldiwan@ds) Agreement
3. Privacy policy
4. Governing law and contact information
1. General
1.1 Everything on this page constitutes our agreement with you as a student/consumer/customer/user.
1.2 You agree to be bound by all text communications between you and Aldiwan Center, either by written, printed, or electronic text communications, described here as “written”. You agree that only written communications in email or paper, are the only form of communication that constitutes a complementary part of the whole legal relationship and agreement between you and Aldiwan Center, and that no verbal communications are taken into consideration in this legal relationship.
1.3 You are required to read and agree on the agreement(s) related to the services – including in-class and online courses – or products you wish to use, including this website and other websites belonging to Aldiwan Center before using them. Your use or order of any of our services or products indicates that you read and agreed on the agreement(s) related to the service or product.
1.4 These Products and Services Agreements are the standard official policy of all Aldiwan Center
campuses at:
Nasr City, Cairo – Website:
Garden City, Cairo – Website:
Maadi City, Cairo – Website:
Virtual Campus, Web-based – Website: and
1.5 In case of any changes to the policies published here, these changes will be effective 15 days from the date of publishing, with no effect on previous business operations prior to that date.
1.6 Aldiwan Center reserves the right to change in this agreement at any time with a prior 15-day notice published on the homepage at: and and websites.
1.7 We have three different agreements for three different categories of products and services (A, B, C).
1.8 By ordering any item of the three categories you indicate that you have read and agreed on the Agreement of that category.
1.9 By not ordering any item of another category, you are not required to read or agree on its Agreement, and you can just skip to the category related to the product or service you are ordering only.
1.10 You agree to receive administrative emails and notices and newsletters from Aldiwan Center from time to time. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter service at any time.
1.11 Your submission of this form and agreement is a complete contract between you and Aldiwan Center and is considered final. You cannot undo or revoke this contract which is legally binding.
1.12 If you are ordering – Textbooks, CDs, or Course Registration then you need to read and agree on:
Category A: Aldiwan Center Products and Services Agreement
(You can skip reading this part if not ordering any)
1.13 If you are ordering Web-based courses delivered through Aldiwanonline Website, or using its free materials then you need to read and agree on:
Category B: Aldiwanonline Aldiwanonline Web-based E-learning and Website Agreement
(You can skip reading this part if not ordering any)
1.14 If you are ordering Ads on our websites, then you need to read and agree on:
Category C: AldiwanAds Web Advertisements Agreement
(You can skip reading this part if not ordering any)
2.A – Aldiwan Center Products and Services Agreement
2.A.1 Product Return & Refund Agreement
Textbooks and CDs Replace/Exchange , Return, Order Cancellation, and Refund Policies
a. Unopened and opened items received without any manufacturer defects
1- Once its payment has been received, all purchase orders are considered final, and no exchanges, returns, or cancellations are applicable, as long as all items are in its published conditions, without manufacturer defects.
2- In some cases, and in its sole discretion, Aldiwan Center eStore may help customers who changed their mind later, and wanted to either replace/exchange the already-received unopened item with another one, paying all applicable shipping (and bank wiring if needed) fees, to and from Aldiwan Center Headquarters, in same conditions. There will be $10 re-stocking fees.
b. Opened items received with manufacturer defects
1- Time Conditions
1.1 You can return or exchange items only withing 14 days from the day of receipt of shipment.
(according to Egyptian law, Egyptian Consumer Protection Agency)
1.2 No refund, returns, exchanges are eligible after fourteen days.
2- Item Conditions
2.1 Consumers can return opened Books and CDs only if they have original manufacturing defects (i.e.: missing or blank pages, incorrect CD, defective CD, etc.), or didn’t conform with the specifications or purpose of use agreed upon.
2.2 We may ask you to send a photo of the defect for evaluation first, before the replace decision.
2.3 We are not liable for shipping-resulted defects.
2.4 Upon your request, and chargeable by you, we can send the shipment with special insurance, to avoid any shipping-resulted defects for books and CDs. Otherwise, we use regular first class international mail (as FedEx), which is affordable and reliable in general.
c. Choice of: replacement, exchange, or money back
As you are eligible, under this category, for full refund for items’ charges and shipping charges, you have the choice as follows:
c.1 If you want the same item, we will send a specially-checked, non-defective replacement, and leave the defective one with you to keep, no need to return it.
c.2 If you want another item, we will send the exchanged item you request, minus or plus any difference in cost, and leave the defective one with you to keep, no need to return it. If the cost is higher than what you paid already, you will need to pay the difference prior to item shipping. If the cost is less than the defective one, we will wire the difference to you, without any wiring fees on your behalf, with the method of our choice (i.e.: bank transfer/ Western Union/ etc.).
c.3 If you no longer need a replacement of the same item, nor interested in a different item, we will send you a full money back refund for both the item’s cost, and the shipping charges, without any wiring fees on your behalf, with the method of our choice (i.e.: bank transfer/ Western Union/ etc.).
2.A.2 Course Registration Cancellation & Refund Agreement
a. Registration Policy
a.1 You must fill out the online application form.
a.2 The application form must be received by the appropriate program deadline
a.3 A $100 USD deposit must be received at the time of registration, within one week from the date you sent your registration form.
a.4 The ‘registration deposit’ is a security deposit to secure a priority place for the student in the course he/she has applied for, deducted later from the total payable tuition fees.
It’s not the ‘registration fees’ which is stated here.
a.5 Registration is not complete without payment of the deposit (100 USD)
a.6 Upon arrival at Al-Diwan, the student will be asked to sign an agreement outlining the guidelines of studying at Al-Diwan
a.7 This is applicable to both on-campus classes and online classes.
a.8 You may request a refund within two weeks of registration. We regret that we are unable to refund for non-usage of the course.
b. Definitions, examples, and scope of policy
b.1 Every student has to pay $ 100 USD as a security deposit at the time of registration, in order for the application to be considered and class place reservation to be give priority. The security deposit is the student’s hard-copy proof of priority in class reservations, which is required in many academic study abroad programs. It is also a proof for us that you are a real, non-spamming, actual, and serious student.
b.2 The registration security deposit will be deducted from the whole tuition fees paid when you stop by our campus after landing in Egypt. Tuition fees are published here.
For example,
if your total tuition due is $1000 for the Summer Intensive Program, you pay $100 deposit months or weeks ahead, prepare for trip, eventually land in Cairo, then come to the campus office and pay $900.
In case you are already in Cairo and there are class places available, or studying online without the need to reserve a place for future time, you can pay the total tuition due and start immediately, without the need to reserve with a deposit.
c. Registration deposit cancellation & refund policy
c.1 Any time before 15 days ahead of the start date of any course class:
50% refund, minus wiring fees.
(we send you a scanned/photoed copy of the wiring fees receipt)
Example: Course start date is 01 May. To get 50% of the deposit you have to cancel any time before 15 April.
c.1 On or within 15 days ahead of the start date, or after that:
No refund applicable.
d. Tuition cancellation & refund policy
d.1 The student should send his or her request to cancel class and explain that s/he desires a refund for the amount that s/he paid. Refunds are paid according to Central Bank of Egypt official exchange rates of the refund date.
d.2 When a student decide to cancel a course, he will get:
After first class: 75 % of tuition of first 50 hours.
After second class: 60 % of tuition of first 50 hours.
After third class: no refund of tuition
d.3 If you have a friend in Egypt who can get the money for your, please let us know by Email, so you can save on wiring/ money transfer costs.
2.B- Aldiwanonline E-learning Website & Services Agreement
This agreement (termed as TOS) represents the entire contract between you and Al-Diwan online regarding the E-learning service, either through the website or with an instructor online.
Your completion of the registration process on Al-Diwan Online indicates your acceptance without qualification or condition on being bound by all Terms and Conditions of use mentioned below.
1- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
2- Right to change of this agreement
3- Provision of the services
4- Your rights
5- Using the service
6- Copyrights
7- Access and Interference
8- Security and Privacy policy
9- Fees, payment methods, and refunds
10- Indemnification
11- Miscellaneous
1- Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
1-1 Your registration makes you bound by this TOS, and confirms that you are over the age of 13, and are able to form legally binding contracts.
Your use of the information, tools, features, and functions available on ( or ( website, both referred to collectively as “Service”, indicates that you agree to be bound by this TOS.
1-2 The term: “you”, “the user”, or “the student” means you. The term “the website” means (Aldiwanonline). If you want to be a member and benefit from the Service, you must read this TOS, and indicate your agreement of it during the registration process.
1-3 Please review all terms and conditions carefully before using the website, and preferably save it on your computer.
1-4 If you do not agree on all terms and conditions do not use the website.
2- Right to change of this agreement
Aldiwanonline has the right to change this TOS or any policies affect or related to the website. The change to this TOS will be effective right after the end of your current subscription, and your renewal of the subscription after being informed with the change indicates your agreement on the changed terms and conditions of the Service.
3- Provision of the services
3-1 Aldiwanonline website provides e-learning through three types:
Supper Access Type
In which the user is free to access the e-learning website any time during his subscription period.
20 hours/month Type
In which the student studies with Aldiwan Center instructor over Skype or MSN for 20 hours a month. Hours and time of lectures to be arranged via email correspondence. These email correspondence messages are considered part of the contract.
Double benefits Type
This type mixes both Online Teacher and Supper Access types.
3-2 Guidelines for using Online Teacher Service:
3-2-1 Minimum lecture duration is (one and a half hour) in order to meet educational goals.
3-2-2 In case a lecture started late for a reason related to teacher side, Aldiwan Center is responsible to make up for it with the same time length missed, either in the same lecture, or in a next one.
3-2-3 In case a lecture started late for a reason related to student side, Aldiwan Center is not responsible for a make up, and the lecture ending time stays as arranged before.
3-2-4 The student is allowed to defer a lecture time for only two lectures a month, by sending an email 24 hours prior to the lecture time. Lecture deferring request sent any time less than 24 hours prior to lecture time cannot be accepted, and the student absence will be on file.
3-2-5 The student is allowed to absence for only one lecture over the contract duration (one-month). In case of absence for more than one lecture, lectures missed will be deducted from the total hours of study, and will not be applicable for make up.
3-2-6 In case of student absence for more than two lectures without email notice to Aldiwanonline, lectures will be suspended until a new timing is set up according to Aldiwanonline’s administration, so all lectures complete over a month period starting off the new schedule, otherwise, all remainder hours will be omitted, and the remainder of fees paid cannot be claimed for.
3-2-7 In case of teacher absence – for any reason – Aldiwanonline is responsible for a make up lecture in a timing set up according to both student and Aldiwanonline.
3-2-8 All previous conditions are effective too for Online Teacher service (40 hours/month)
4- Your rights
4-1 Aldiwanonline offers you a limited, non-transferable right to use Super Access service to access and use lessons’ content for unlimited hours daily, with a condition of not saving these materials on your computer.
4-2 Materials on this website are offered for your non-commercial, private use only, so you are not allowed to sell them, or re-use them on any other website without a written permission from Aldiwanonline.
4-3 In case of the website facing out-of-control technical issues for a period of more than one day, the student’ subscription will be extended with same period of time.
5- Use of Service
5-1 Your right of access and use of the website Aldiwanonline and the Service is a personal right for you, which you cannot transfer to any other person or entity. You are only allowed to access and use Aldiwanonline for legal purposes.
5-2 You will be responsible to protect the privacy of your account, username, and password on Aldiwanonline and you agree to inform Aldiwanonline of any unauthorized use of your Aldiwanonline account. For the Service to work effectively, you need to keep your registration information accurate and updated, otherwise, the offered Service accuracy and effectiveness will be affected.
5-3 At our sole discretion, and according to our sole and absolute reason, we may terminate your account, modify, fix, or remove any username linked to your account, for any reason (including reasons related to unlawful or unauthorized use), without being obligated to retain your account’s record or any data or information you may store through account or services.
5-4 Your access and use of the website Aldiwanonline may be interrupted for many reasons, including for example, failure of equipments, regular update, maintenance, or fix of Aldiwanonline website, or other procedures Aldiwanonline performs to upgrade Service.
5-5 You are not allowed to log in as a user from two different computers at the same time, and we will block access with the password on the other computer.
6- Intellectual Property of the website content:
All Aldiwanonline materials, including content, text, images, software, audio and video files, documents, correspondence between Aldiwanonline and you via Email and website, at all times, are sole property of Aldiwanonline website or its suppliers. All the above-mentioned materials are protected under international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws. You are not allowed to publish, distribute, sub-license, translate, or copy materials protected under international copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws without a prior clear written permission from Aldiwanonline.
7- Access and Interference:
You agree not to:
7-1 try to use any software to decrypt code or access data, programming language, or content on Aldiwanonline website.
7-2 publish or transfer any file that contains virus, hacking software or software that causes failure or slow the performance of Aldiwanonline website.
7-3 try to decrypt or decompile or hack on personal information or content on Aldiwanonline website.
8- Security and Privacy policy
8-1 All information about you, or your study performance are kept confidential, and unavailable to anyone without your consent, except teachers.
8-2 One of Aldiwanonline goals is participation in Arabic language learning development field, thus we allow Aldiwanonline the right to follow up with students’ performance information to use it in research, with a strict policy of keeping personally identifiable information confidential (name, contact information, bank account numbers).
9- Fees, payment methods, and refunds
To receive any services from Aldiwanonline website, you must register and your data will be dealt with under our security and privacy policies. Your information and data must be correct, and you have to update it as soon as they get changed.
9-1 Your choice of service method indicates fees and tuition as follows:
A- Registration and proficiency test.
B- Website content-based study + Online instructor, teaching online.
C- Website content-based study only.
D- Online instructor only.
9-2 Fees and tuition must be paid up front in all methods.
9-3 Payment is made through payment methods explained on the website. Services are made available as soon as fees and tuition are received.
9-4 Payment and money transfer are in US dollars. In case you pay in other currencies, it will be valued against the current USD exchange rate.
9-5 Minimum Online instructor (B, D) taught hours is 20 hours.
9-6 Payment methods:
Aldiwan has some methods of payment to fit all countries, and these details will be sent to the student right after the registration, to choose the payment method best fit to him.
9-7 Refunds:
9-7-1 Service (A) registration and proficiency test fees, and service (C) Website content-based study only, both are non-refundable.
9-7-2 Refund of 80% of paid minimum hours (20 hours) only, will be given, if the student wants to cancel Online instructor service after first lecture.
9-7-3 Refund of 60% of paid minimum hours (20 hours) only, will be given, if the student wants to cancel Online instructor service after second lecture.
9-7-4 No refund of paid minimum hours (20 hours) will be given if the student wants to cancel Online instructor service after third lecture.
9-7-5 Subscribers to Online Teacher Service can cancel study at any time, and get refund of whatever over-20-hours of tuition paid.
9-7-6 Aldiwanonline doesn’t pay any refund transaction fees, they are deducted from the paid fees.
9-7-7 Subscribers joined (discount) offer will lose the discount value when cancel and get refund, hours studied will be calculated with no discount in mind.
10- Indemnification
You agree to indemnify Aldiwanonline, its agents, and employees from and against any and all claims, losses, liability costs and expenses resulted from your use of the website, or your failure to bide by terms and conditions set herein.
11- Miscellaneous
11-1 Any disagreement arises as a result from difference in interpreting meaning of Arabic and English text of this TOS, Arabic text will be considered.
11-2 This TOS agreement is governed by the laws of Egypt, and any cases must be brought to Egyptian courts.
11-3 If any part of this TOS agreement considered illegal, void, or unenforceable by any court or arbitrator, this agreement will not be considered as a whole illegal, void, or unenforceable, and this illegal, void, or unenforceable part only should be void.
11-4 This agreement is the complete understanding and contract between you and Aldiwanonline website regarding study process and services offered by the website.
If you have any questions about this policy agreement, or about any of Aldiwanonline website policies and practices, please contact us using the following information:
2.C- AldiwanAds Web Advertisements (@ldiwan@ds) Agreement
2.C.1 General:
2.C.1.1 Aldiwan Center Know Your Customer KYC policy:
You agree to cooperate with us by providing all we need of accurate information about yourself, the business you are advertising for, and the nature of products and services, and update us as soon as your information change.
2.C.1.2 Your ad, your website, and your business or activity must be legal, under the Egyptian laws.
2.C.1.3 You agree to submit family-safe only ads. No alcohol, drugs, pornography, adult, etc. ads are acceptable.
2.C.1.4 We recommend that you review as much as you can of the standard Google Ads polices, which we use as a guide only for best advertising practices:…
2.C.1.5 If your Ad and business falls under the approved ones according to these policies, then your ad will mostly be accepted.
2.C.2 Ad Approval and rejection:
2.C.2.1 Ad review takes at maximum four business days from our receipt time.
2.C.2.2 Aldiwan Center reserves the right to reject any Ad with or without reason.
2.C.2.3 We may either point you to the reason of rejection to fix and re-submit, if we believe the problem is fixable, and may provide helpful assistance or instructions.
2.C.2.4 Otherwise we will reply with a rejection notice only.
2.C.3 Ad removal
For reasons like the those mentioned below, we reserve the right to remove the ads at any time, with a notice, paying you back a full-refund of the remaining paid amount, except the remainder days of month the links have been removed in.
This will mostly happen if the content of the links changed to be:
illegal, or
unacceptable at our own discretion.
We also reserve how the links will appear in terms of color and font style/size, in order to go in harmony with the whole page/site design.
3. Privacy policy
3.1 In contact, registration, and eStore purchase forms
Personally identifiable information we collect on this website are strictly used only for the purposes it is being collected for.
3.2. in newsletter Sign up
We ask you to submit your name, email, country and gender, in order to be able to send you the free educational materials , send you updates on our educational services, courses, and offers. You can any time remove yourself from the mailinglist, using the subscribe form on this page, making sure you “check” the ‘unsubscribe’ checkbox.
3.3. In eStore and website account registrations and use
When you use our eStore, you will be interacting with a robust, highly secured cart system. This online store system needs to verify you are the same person who is shopping from product page to product page, without mistake, until you finally checkout. This function needs to store information on your computer in order to be able to track your order over time spent on the store. These data has no security or privacy effect other than what is mentioned here. You need to enable cookies, in order to be able to register as a user for the website system or the cart system (i.e.: choose: “Allow local data to be set (recommended)” in Chrome, and similar options in IE Explorer and Firefox/ Opera/ Safari/ etc.).
3.4. Credit card information
Our online payment system does not collect credit card information. We forward you to a payment page of another, third party, independent world-class credit processing company secure server , on which you submit your card information encrypted. We have no control over the process of submitting your credit card information, and we do not process or store any credit card data.
4. Governing law and contact information
4.1.Governing law:
This agreement is governed by the laws of Egypt, and any cases must be brought to Egyptian courts.
4.2.Contact information
Aldiwan Center E-Payment Support:
Aldiwan Center
12 Naguib Mahfouz St. Off Abbas AlAkkad St.
Nasr city, Cairo
3 pm -11 pm Cairo Time (GMT+2)
If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints, please contact us at:
Aldiwan Center
12 Naguib Mahfouz Street, Off Abbas Al Akkad Street
Nasr City, Cairo
Or call/fax our office at:

End of Aldiwan Center Products and Services Agreements