Al Diwan Center is located in ‘Nasr City” which is a quiet district in comparison to other districts. Most people that live in “Nasr City” are middle-class, it is also close to hospitals, schools, mosques, malls, companies and many other services. The famous Al-Azhar University is located in “Nasr city” as well as the International Park which is only three minutes walking distance from Aldiwan Center. The most important street in Nasr city is Abbass Al-Aqad is only one minute walking distance from AlDiwan Center. In this main street students can find all services they need such as banks, restaurants, ATMs, hospitals, pharmacies, malls and parks. Nasr city is also near to many historical places. In less than fifteen minutes by car you can reach the Castle of Salahu Dinn El- Ayouby, Sultan Hassan’s Mosque, Al-Azhar mosque and Al-Hussain mosque.