Cell Phones
You may be able to use your cell phone from back home depending on what type of phone it is (tri-band). You can also buy a cell phone here (new or used) at cell phone stores or in Ataba. You have to buy the SIM card, which costs around 10 LE. Then you buy charge cards (10 EGP 25 EGP, 50 EGP, 100 EGP) to put credit on your phone. Rates for calls average around 0.40 EGP per minute. You can also get a monthly-billed line on your cell phone. Check cell phone stores for details. (Cell phone stores usually have the ( orange ) Mobinil, ( red ) Vodafone or ( green ) Etisalat signs all over their windows they are hard to miss.)
[Note: In Egypt, it is only known as “Mobile” PRONOUNCED: /MO-BA-YEL/]
With your ground line, you can get a ADSL for as low as 50 EGP a month. if you haven’t ground line you can buy USB modem. There are also Internet Cafes throughout Cairo whose prices are about 2-4 EGP per hour.
[Note: 1$ USD = 7.00 EGP, subject to Central Bank official rate changes]
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